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About Andre Eliazar

Andre Eliazar is a Brazilian musician and music producer based in Los Angeles, CA. After ten years of experience playing live shows, Andre switched his path to music production, and now he works with music libraries. While his main focus is rock, he also gravitates towards R&B, hip hop, and trailer music.

Past Work

Sound equipment

Music Producer

As a composer and music producer, Andre created music for libraries such as Epic Music LA, RVRSE Play, and Get it Done Music. Most recently, Andre worked as a producer on a project for the sync artist Easy McCoy, distributed by Concord Music. 

Bass Player

As a bass player, Andre played hundreds of live shows in Brazil and in the US. He also had the opportunity to record bass on albums and singles for different bands and artists throughout the years. Styles including rock, R&B, soul, pop, funk, and MPB.

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